SAP FI CO with Fixed Assets Consultant.

KPMG is a group of number of independent consulting firms around the globe. For marketing purposed they are using the same logo, but in general they are totally independent legal entities in each country. So, this type of business environment had to be reflected in SAP implementation for the US and Canada as well as for other coming up countries. This is why on the CO side each country has its own Controlling Area with this countrycurrency in place. My main responsibility was for US and Canada Fixed Asset, Internal Orders, General Ledger, Cash Ledgers and anything else that I had a bandwidth to help with. In our US and Canada implementation we had to conform to the Global Template, but due to the fact that each country does its business so different it was almost impossible. We had a lot of custom coding for US specific requirement. For me the most interesting and challenging part on this SAP project is the use of parallel ledgers for Modified Cash Ledger reporting. I developed this solution without using the document spilling as is provided in standard SAP Cash Ledger solution. I did configure the system and demo it to the team as this will require some custom code to automate my manual A/P and A/R restatement to cash. KPMG is restating their accrual based ledger to two Modified Cash Ledgers. One with the bonus depreciation in Fixed Asset and another with standard tax deprecation.

With the solution that I developed, during the depreciation run postings will be made automatically by the SAP these ledgers. This is huge time and money saving solution. In addition I developed for the US and Canada Internal Order solution for time and expense internal orders. With custom US/Canada specific status for internal orders. To meet this client requirement I used a standard SAP functionality.

After the demo of my Internal Orders solution to the business community. I received great review of my work from SAP project manager and Controller for the US.

Below are these short notes:

Adam – I heard your IO demo for US accounting went tremendously well!!! Thank you so much for your efforts in this space. The business is very pleased!

I heard the meeting went well this morning and my team is very impressed with the SAP engagement accounting functionality for internal orders… they "love" it and think it is a much better system than what we have today. Both Patrick and Keith were "raving" about it… it will save them a lot of time with Market Development reporting, etc. Patrick wants to participate in the weekly sessions to make sure nothing gets "missed" from the reporting requirements, etc. They also "loved" the consultant (presenter)… thought he was thorough and understood what our needs are.


DETROIT OCT 2011 - JAN 2012
SAP FI CO Lead Consultant.

This was a rollout of SAP from Europe to the US of highly custom SAP system. Centrally controlled from France, so all the configuration changes specific for the US had to be approved by the French team. This SAP system would interface to Ford USA legacy systems. So I was involved in developing interfaces from the Faurecia SAP system to Ford USA systems and back. Due to the fact the system was so highly custom developed it was challenging to meet all the Ford USA requirements.


FEB 2011 - SEPT 2011
SAP FI CO Lead Consultant.

In charge of the SAP FI CO implementation for 45 legal entities for Corning USA. This is an upgrade from 16 years old SAP 3.1 system to the latest SAP ECC6. Actually this was a total reconfiguration of the system under ECC6.

In charge of the SAP FI CO team. Hands on SAP FI configuration of all of the 45 legal entities.


MAR 2010 - JAN 2011
SAP FI CO Lead Consultant/Interim CFO

This German global manufacturer or mirrors for Solar Power Plants expanded its operation from EU countries to the US. I was hired by Flabeg to implement SAP FI CO modules in US according to the US GAAP requirements. This work involved the implementation of the G/L, A/P, A/R, Project Systems, Internal Orders, Fixed Assets, Cost Centers, Profit Centers, this also included configuration of state, city and local county tax reporting for the US state, city and county tax authorities. Since this was a brand new location for Flabeg in US, I was also in charge of all the accounting and finance functions and US statutory reporting for this entity as an interim CFO until permanent full time CFO came on board.


MAR 09 - FEB 2010
SAP FI CO- G/L, A/P, A/R, ECCS, COPA, Lead Consultant

This global supplier of hardware components and software to major computer manufacturers is in process of expansion. In recent months this company acquired 3 new businesses in US and Asia. I was entrusted directly with the configuration of legal entities in US, Singapore and Taiwan. My task was to add new businesses to the company global SAP template which in addition to the A/P, A/R, G/L and CO. For US taxes configuration. For the SAP ECC6 New G/L, extension of the Global Chart of accounts to the new Company Codes and Country specific Chart of Accounts for new locations.

FI reporting, financial statements creation to reflect the new entities. For A/P and A/R Customer and Vendor master data creation. US Sales Tax configuration, state, local, city, county level. Creation of new account groups, payment terms. A/P payment processing. To meet this requirement I worked with teams in Asia. I was also involved in the reconfiguration of the COPA module. Adding new characteristics and value fields to the Operating Concern to support a new SD functionality. Characteristics derivation, table lookup. New COPA reports creation.

In addition to the above I was supporting current SAP global environment. This involved responding in a timely fashion to a support tickets send to me from all over the globe by the different users group. Worked with the company CFO, Comptroller, accounting department on the new reporting requirements and daily SAP system issues resolution. Furthermore my work involved mentoring super users and the full time support team. I also participated in effort to interface third party HR software to SAP. I developed and tested that interface.


AUG 08 - FEB 08
SAP FI CO- G/L, A/P, Fixed Assets, PS, MM Lead Consultant

Based in Italy global manufacturer and retailer of sun glasses, prescription glasses, frames and contact lenses. This was a rollout of Italian based SAP ECC6 NEW-GL and SAP IS-Retail solution to the US. I was responsible for the hands on configuration and conversion of the Fixed Assets and General Ledger as well as Project Systems and the Central Procurement the Procure to Pay SAP process for the US location.

Procure to pay process is the Purchase Order to A/P Vendor payment process. US Sales Tax configuration. I was responsible for the full configuration and testing of this process.

On the SAP Project System side, each new store was a Project with periodical settlements to the Fixed Assets. So, this is the Project Systems/Fixed Assets configuration. During the creation of the Project WBS when the WBS is released system automatically crates the Assets AUC via the investment measure. Then Assets AUC is settled to the completed assets upon completion of the project. During the duration of the project there a monthly (periodic settlements) to the Fixed Assets. I also assisted with development of Global Chart of Accounts to meet US GAAP reporting requirements. I was also helping other teams with Vendor and Customer masters. Conducted number of workshops for the client regarding the SAP Fixed Assets/PS system functionality and Procurement from the Purchase Requisition to Purchase Order with


OCT 07 – AUG 08
SAP FI CO – G/L A/P, A/R, Fixed Assets, PS, Lead Consultant

Sikorsky is in a process of expansion.

They are buying companies in US in their line of business and in Europe as Sikorsky would like to sell their helicopters in Europe as well.

For that reason in Poland Sikorsky bought PZL - Polskie Zaklady Lotnicze in Mielec.

In US Schweizer Aircraft http://www.sacusa.com/

My task at Sikorsky was to take the Sikorsky global template first to Schweizer Aircraft in US and then to PZL - Poland.

I was responsible for all the activities including the configuration under the FI CO module. This included G/L, A/P, A/R, Fixed Assets, Internal Orders, Project Systems, Capital Projects, Cost Center Accounting, Profit Center Accounting, Central Procurement and Global Consolidation ECCS, US Sales Tax configuration, state, local, city, county level.

For consolidation Sikorsky uses the Hyperion software, the link is via the Group Chart of accounts for the more consolidated financial view. I was involved at great details hands on configuration for the US site - had to prove my skills to the client. Went live with Fixed Assets and Project System/Internal Orders 3 months ahead of the go -live date.

Then I was send to Poland to do the knowledge transfer and guidance regarding the Sikorsky global template roll-out. Completed base configuration for Poland. Worked with the Polish team in Poland and in US, directed any issues resolution regarding specific Polish legal requirements. I speak and write fluent Polish as well.


MAR 06 - SEPT 07
SAP FI CO- G/L A/P, FM, Lead Consultant

Was hired directly by the Government to help with the development of SAP SFIS (Standard Financial Information Structure) compliant template for the Federal Government. This involved configuration of Funds Management and General Ledger with the US standard chart of accounts, budgetary ledger, integration with Funds Management via Commitment item. Configuration of Accounts Payable, Fixed Assets with Project Systems.

Configuration of the Materials Management module, Material Master. Hands on with issues currently facing number of SAP implementations within the government. Participated in number of policy meetings regarding the use of ERP systems within the Federal Sector. Conducted SAP workshops for the Government Employees and Department Managers and Directors.


AUG 05 - FEB 06
SAP FI CO – G/L, A/P, A/R, Fixed Assets Lead Consultant

Only FI CO consultant for the implementation of the new version of SAP ECC6 SAP FI CO module for one of the suppliers to Chrysler Corporation at their new Jeep Plant outside Toledo Ohio. This was a small team of 5 high level professionals doing the whole implementation. Out of the box standard functionality. I was responsible for the implementation of the whole FI CO module. Hands on configuration of the G/L, A/P, A/R and Fixed Asset with the Payment program, US Tax configuration, and full financial reporting for the CFO, Controller and the Accounting Department. Configuration of the MM and SD modules as it relates to procure to payment and sales order to cash collection processes. On the CO side Internal Orders, PS Capital Projects with IM, and Cost Center accounting for Department Managers. Expert understanding of the automotive industry SAP configuration.


JAN 05 - JUL 05
SAP Fixed Assets, Lead Consultant

Rollout of SAP out of UK to the USA. This project required deep knowledge of Fixed Asset, FI, Internal Orders/Project System and integration of Fixed Assets with Project Systems/Internal Orders. Integration of Fixed Asset with SAP General Ledger. US sales taxes configuration. Responsible for the knowledge transfer to the user community of all aspects relating to the configuration and daily use of the SAP Fixed Assets sub module. Conducted user training session in a group environment as well as one on one basis. Assisted with loading of the Assets from Legacy System to new SAP environment. In addition conducted Internal Order user training.

Closed Fixed Assets for that fiscal year 2004 and than run the depreciation in new fiscal 2005 year for month of January. Reconciled Fixed Assets with the General Ledger.


MAR 04 – DEC 04
SAP FI/CO, Lead Consultant

Finance Team Lead for the SAP upgrade from 4.6 C to SAP 4.7 Enterprise. This involved hands on testing of all financial SAP transaction codes and reconciliation with IS – Public Sector, Funds Managements, Special Ledger, Project Systems and CO Cost Centers, HR – CATS sub-modules. Researched SAP OSS notes and support packs. In case of SAP system program errors worked directly with the ABAP and BASIS teams to provide quick resolution to a problem. Involved in the GR/IR account reconciliation as it relates to the interface between the SAP MM module and existing Legacy Systems. Worked with the ABAP team testing corrections to purchase requisitions via custom SAP transaction codes ZMIPR (Military Internal Purchase Request) and ZIMP_C.

In addition my assignment required reorganization of the Cost Centers Standard Hierarchy. I was using MS Excel, SAP CATT, SAP Cost Centers Import, Export functionality to accomplish this task. Worked with the HR consultant on reorganization of HR organizational structure. Using SCAT transaction developed programs to load Cost Centers Master Data and Project Systems – Network Activities from a text file. Ongoing users support, training and knowledge transfer.


DEC 02 – FEB 04
SAP FI/CO – G/L, A/P, A/R, Fixed Assets, PCA, CCA, PS Lead Consultant

Construction Equipment Manufacturing Company. 10 millions USD SAP implementation in US went wrong. Client was not satisfied with a current SAP system. I was hired to correct all the problems in the FI, CO, PCA, COPA, Fixed Assets, PS Capital Projects, Investment Management, EC-CS area. The challenge involved not only correction of current configuration but also building good foundation for future SAP rollouts. US implementation was to be used as base for SAP rollouts to Europe and then Asia. In addition to the development work I was responsible for support and training of the Finance Department and was a secondary line of support for the Logistics Modules.

Main responsibility was FI General Ledger, A/R, A/P, Fixed Assets and CO Cost Center, CO - Planning, Profit Center. US taxes configuration. Custom Report Painter/Writer Reporting for the Finance and Manufacturing Departments. In addition to the SAP development work daily end user training and support. Finance Year End Closing for the whole company for 2002 and 2003. Developed for CFO, and Controller regulatory reports according to the US GAAP and IFRS.

Underlying principle of all of the requirements was to utilize standard SAP functionality to the maximum and complete project various stages on time and within a budget


JUN 02 – DEC 02
SAP FI/CO- G/L, A/P,MM Lead Consultant

I was the lead and the only one FI/CO MM consultant for the SAP implementation for the USA Watches and Jewelry Group

I was responsible for FI General Ledger configuration with US sales taxes and financial reporting and users training, Accounts Receivable configuration, reporting and users training, Accounts Payable configuration, reporting and users training. Cost Center configuration and cost allocations and reporting, Profit Center Configuration and Profit Center Reporting. Internal Orders configuration and reporting. ABAP queries and Report Painter/Writer reports.

In addition to the above requirements I was involved in the configuration and users training for the Materials Management module. Which included purchase order to cash process with logistics invoice verification. Starting with Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order, Goods Receipt, Invoice Verification, Vendor Payment and Check clearing sub-processes. Involved in transaction data import/export from legacy systems to SAP R/3 via ABAP programs or SAP CATT scripts. Interface IDOC specification development for the technical team.


MAR 02 – JUN 02
SAP FI/CO – G/L, A/P, A/R, AM, PS/IM, EC-CS Consultant

A new implementation of SAP R/3, 4.6C for a networking software company. Lead consultant for ECCS and Fixed Assets implementation. Gathered information and mapping SAP business processes to the client business requirements. Identified gaps between company business model and ECCS SAP processes. In addition to the lead role for the Fixed Assets, US taxes, PS involved in the decision making process for General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable. In a SAP configured and loaded chart of accounts, group chart of accounts and consolidation chart of accounts. Sample configured SAP ECCS module to accept consolidation entries directly - real time from the Financial module. Sample configured Fixed Assets module to point that we could run a depreciation for small number of different types of assets.. This implementation involved also the HR module and its integration with the SAP FI General Ledger. Implementation was cut short due the funding.


JAN 02 – MAR 02
SAP FI/CO, Lead EC-CS Consultant

Contracted by SAP America to review a solution, proposed by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, for the implementation of SAP EC-CS consolidation and Profit Center Accounting for Intel Corporation. This assignment requires an expert knowledge of SAP Financials and Controlling modules as well as SAP 4.6C EC-CS consolidation. His job is to review the proposed EC-CS and Profit Center Accounting configuration and advise Intel on any problem areas. In addition, this assignment involves review of the existing SAP FI and CO landscapes as they are directly related to EC-CS consolidation. As well as, a short- and long-term implication of the proposed configuration solution and its impact on Intel's consolidated reporting requirements. Review of external interfaces and Intel's unique three-tier SAP pipes and the impact of that system environment on the consolidation process. Review of EC-CS data migration strategy to Intel's terra-data business reporting warehouse versus SAP Business Warehouse standard reporting solution


MAY 01 – DEC 01
SAP PS, AM, FI/CO Lead Consultant

The only FI CO Consultant/Team Lead. Implemented Project Systems, Investment Management and Fixed Assets module as it relates to the Capital Projects configuration up to the allocation of assets under construction into actual assets for depreciation, and depreciation run for accounting purposes with the depreciation entry into the General Ledger. Project Systems configuration included configuration and integration testing for Marketing Projects as well as Capital Projects, utilizing cost element type 90 for direct entries to the asset module and assets under construction asset class. Definition of the project and project hierarchy with WBS elements, settlement of the project based on the settlement rule, closing of the project as required and not required functionality; commitments; project planning, data conversion testing, user exits and validation for a combination of cost centers and WBS elements on the FI side and on the CO side for purchase requisition entries. Creation of purchase requisitions and purchase orders with WBS element and assets field required for Marketing and Capital Projects. Modification of standard screen layouts for fast entry and PO, G/L displays to accommodate user requirements relating to the implementation of Project System. Project System Reporting standard and custom, using Report Writer and Report Painter within the Project System menu path.


JAN 01 – MAY 01
SAP FI/CO Lead Consultant

Contracted for this $5.9 billion international Company headquartered in Heerlen Holland and active worldwide in the field of basic process chemicals, life science products and plastics. As the only SAP FI CO consultant completed the SAP financial implementation in the USA. Worked with SAP R/3 4.6C release.

Configured SAP "Sandbox" client, Quality assurance client and Production client. Fully implemented FI/CO module for North American Chemicals Process operations. This project involved a full implementation and testing of FI General Ledger module, configuration of Fixed Assets module, Product Costing, Cost Center Accounting, Profit Center Accounting modules. Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Internal Orders/Project System. Development of a new chart of accounts and financial statements - according to US GAAP. Integration with Global Chart of Accounts and reporting. Configuration of the payment program, US taxes and payment run for check printing, house bank configuration, testing of vendor and customer master data. In addition to the FI/CO module, this implementation involved SD and MM implementation, which required configuration of integration points in SD and MM modules and configuration of MM module for order to cash processing. Report Painter/Writer sample reporting and testing. US FI/CO implementation had to take into account current and future business practices and developments as well as the use of external SAP process for consolidation purposes.


SEPT 00 – JAN 01
SAP FI/CO, Lead ECCS Consultant

For this high technology, pre-IPO Company, performed architecture/design and prototyping stages of SAP 4.6C implementation. Configured "sandbox", Quality clients and Production for the SAP Enterprise Controlling Consolidation (EC-CS). Set up consolidation ledgers for Global consolidation in US dollars and Europe consolidation in EURO. Configured and linked companies to company codes, consolidation and group chart of accounts. Uploaded to the SAP system client chart of accounts, account groups, retained earnings accounts, field status groups, document number ranges, fiscal years, posting periods, controlling area etc. Configured EC-CS 4.6C so the entire general ledger entries are automatically posted into the consolidation ledger, with the respected exchange rates taken into consideration as all the financial data entered in foreign currencies are automatically converted real time at the consolidation level to the US dollars and simultaneously to EURO. This approach allows my current client for real time consolidation reporting with minimal manual intervention. Using report Painter/Writer created sample consolidation reports. This is an ASAP implementation of the SAP R3 system. My job was to set up the foundation for the Company Global SAP Financials as this configuration was to be expanded and duplicated as business would expand to other countries in Asia, Americas and Europe.


MAR 00 - AUG 00
SAP FI/CO Consultant

Participated in To-Be, Organizational Structure, Architecture/Design, and Prototyping stages of SAP 4.6 D implementation. Using IMG fully configured "sandbox client" for the SAP General Ledger. Set up company codes, account groups, retained earnings accounts, field status groups and variants, document number ranges, fiscal years, posting periods, controlling area etc. Configured sample client Functional Areas for Cost of Sales reporting, completed initial configuration of EC-CS Legal Consolidation and Accounts Receivable. Fully configured and tested Accounts Receivable – Credit Management. Credit Control Areas, current credit limits assigned, maximum permitted credit limits, largest individual limit, credit limit used, credit exposure. The centralized and decentralized approach. The business process here is to maintain credit management information in relation to customers, to minimize any potential loss to Nortel Networks where customers fail to remit their invoices. Risk analysis is performed for all new customers using a credit rating tool. If a customer credit limit is reached and the system puts them on credit hold, a credit review is undertaken i.e. to review outstanding invoices, last payment made. Accounts receivable will advise if the order should be released / progressed, however there decision can be overruled. Configured and tested clearing of open items in foreign currency with automatic realization of gain or loss from exchange rate differences.

This is Company first US implementation of the Global SAP Financial initiative. In addition to FI/CO, SAP MM, PP, and SD modules are being installed, as they are required to build interfaces to the existing legacy systems, or to replace these systems. My primary job was to set up the foundation for the Global SAP Financials as this configuration will be duplicated in other divisions of the operations. The underlying principle of the design was to give flexibility in financial reporting and cost allocations at the division level, but also to be able to consolidate and produce consolidated reports at the corporate level. In order to achieve these goals, he worked closely with the client members and at the corporate level with management.


MAY 99 – FEB 00
SAP FI/CO- G/L,A/P, CCA, PCA – Lead Consultant

Implemented an FI/CO module for this multinational corporation. Went live in February 2000. Completed General Ledger IMG configuration with a total reorganization of master data for chart of accounts, US taxes, cross company posting, validation and substitution, user exits, document types, document number ranges, accruals, cost elements, account master, field status groups, account group etc. Completed Legal Consolidation configuration and reporting. Introduced SAP foreign currency valuation for various foreign entities. Redesigned Cost Center standard hierarchy, Cost Center Groups, Cost Elements Groups, Activity types and groups, CO planning and budgeting, cost distribution and assessment, periodic reposting. Using Report Painter/Writer and ABAP/4 query developed reports for internal and external reporting. On an ongoing basis conducted formal training for end users. Supported A/R and A/P and integration points with SD and MM modules, post implementation problems resolutions and additional IMG configuration. Configured Project Systems and Fixed Assets. Created Projects and project structures with WBS elements. Settled project costs to assets and expenses on periodical basis.

Using SAP Screen and Menu Painter involved in development of a new functionality within a standard SAP system for costs allocations. Completed Special Ledger and Internal Orders configuration. Introduced use of standard SAP fields to bridge SAP R3 with the legacy system, saving client custom development interface efforts. Managed progress of implementation and problem resolutions to meet client deadlines. Project completed on time and within a budget.


MAR 98 – APR 99
SAP FICO Principal Consultant

General Motors Locomotive Division Chicago, IL

JAN 99 – APR 99

Using CSC Map methodology participated in To-Be, Organizational Structure, Architecture/Design, and Prototyping stages of SAP implementation at GM Locomotive. Uploaded GM operating and global chart of accounts. Using (SAP R/3 4.0B) IMG fully configured "sandbox client" for the SAP GM General Ledger. Set up company codes, account groups, retained earnings accounts, field status groups and variants, document number ranges, fiscal years, posting periods, controlling area etc.

GM Locomotive Division was the first US implementation of the GM Global SAP Financial initiative. In addition to FI/CO, MM, PP, and SD modules were being installed, as they were required to build interfaces to the existing legacy systems, or to replace these systems. His primary job was to set up the foundation for the US SAP Financials as this configuration would be duplicated in other divisions of the GM's US and Canadian operations. The underlying principle of the design was to give flexibility in financial reporting and cost allocations at the division level, but also to be able to consolidate and produce consolidated reports at the corporate level. In order to achieve these goals, he worked closely with the division client members and at the corporate level with GM management. In addition, he coordinated his SAP configuration efforts globally with ongoing projects in Germany and Chile.

CDI Corporation Philadelphia, PA

JUL 98 – DEC 98

Set up all of the FI and CO enterprise structure components, such as company codes, fiscal year variant, posting periods, controlling area, document number ranges, match codes, tolerance levels, etc., required for detailed implementation of the FI and CO modules. Demonstrated expert knowledge of SAP hierarchy concepts and their application in the enterprise structure. Uploaded master chart of accounts and conducted detailed modeling of chart of accounts at the company code level and chart of accounts level. This included configuration of account groups, reconciliation accounts, company code field status groups and posting keys to the corporation data entry requirements. Configured vendor, customer and asset master data, and tested the integration of A/R, A/P and Asset Accounting sub-ledgers into the FI system. Completed sandbox configuration of SAP Assets Accounting module. This included assignment of copy of US chart of depreciation to the company codes, configuration of asset master data, depreciation areas, asset classes, account assignments, etc. Designed and tested company financial statements. Using IMG automatic creation features of primary and secondary costs elements, configured cost and revenue element accounting. Set up cost and revenue element groups. Configured profit and cost center accounting within the IMG structure. Set up standard hierarchy for cost centers and profit centers. Set up cost centers and profit centers groups.

Through accounting journal entries populated cost center with data. Generated and analyzed cost accounting reports. Within a cycle, using periodic re-posting, distribution, or assessment, allocated various costs (percentage, fixed, portion, or variable tracing factors) among different cost centers. Generated cost allocation reports.

Created different types of internal orders and internal order groups released for posting. Allocated costs to the internal orders, created reports and settled costs based on settlement rule. Using a SAP Project Management module created various project types with WBS elements structure and Networks, created reports and settled project, based on the defined settlement rule. Conducted user workshop on the differences in the use of Project System module and CO - Internal Orders, explained and demonstrated to the client functionality of both approaches for costs allocations.

Completed sandbox configuration of HR - Travel Management, as with release 4.0 this HR sub-module has become part of the FI/CO module. This included trip number ranges assignment based on personnel areas, control parameters for trip costs, travel privileges, trip facts, trip expense types, transfers to FI and transfers to HR-Payroll, reimbursement amounts (accommodation, meals, meals/time-per diems), define flat rates for travel costs, screen layout for trip data entry. Worked with FI/HR integration points. Tested CO planning and budgeting and analyzed cost accounting reports actual and planned data. Conducted client training in FI and CO modules.

In addition to configuration, participated in reengineering efforts, including scoping and planning, as-is scripting, to-be scripting. Performed system configuration, unit testing and integration testing. Set up SAP R/3 IMG for project tracing configuration efforts. Involved in the configuration of HR-Gross Payroll and Net Payroll as it relates to the SAP General Ledger.

First Chicago Bank, Chicago, IL

APR 98 – JUN 9

Assisted with the implementation of the new SAP Industry Specific Financial Services profitability module(IS-Banking). Was responsible for the design and implementation of feeds incoming to this module from over 20 external legacy systems, in total over 50 interfaces. Performed data mapping to the SAP requirements using third party conversion tools. This required expert knowledge of SAP Profitability Analysis module data structure. Maintained direct contact with SAP AG in Waldorf, Germany, as this implementation was the key implementation for SAP entry into Financial Services business in the United States. Gained cutting-edge SAP knowledge at a large-scale implementation.

Sales Proposals

MAR 98 – APR 98

As a proposed FI/CO lead, participated in preparation of a proposal for SAP implementation at World Bank in Washington D.C. In addition, was involved in configuration of CSC's SAP FI/CO sample client.


APR 97 – MAR 98
SAP FICO Principal Consultant, Financial Services Industry Practice

Wells Fargo Bank, Walnut Creek, CA

OCT 97 – DEC 97

Assisted the fifth largest US bank in the validation of SAP as the implementation choice. This involved detailed explanation of how and why SAP would help this client make bank operation more efficient. Questions related to FI/CO, Accounts Payable, Human Resources, Fixed Assets and Project System modules.

Performed key technical sales function in preparation and presentation of the implementation proposal, resulting in Price Waterhouse winning the execution of this important project.

The Capital Group, Brea, CA

JUL 97 – OCT 97

Member of the SAP implementation team for this global financial services institution headquartered in the Los Angeles, CA area. Performed FI/CO and FI-AA (Fixed Assets Management) configuration. This included design and configuration of a client hierarchy, chart of accounts, company codes, controlling area, cost center and profit center accounting modules, planning and budgeting of the cost centers, distribution and allocation of costs, and configuration of fixed assets module.

Involved in setting up Internal Orders and Project System configurations. Transferred knowledge to the users and technical support personnel regarding on-going configuration maintenance.

SAP America, Inc., Wayne, PA and New York, NY

APR 97 – JUL 97

Assisted in the development of SAP banking demonstration system. His contribution included configuration of General Ledger accounts, creation of chart of accounts and all journal entries, participation in the configuration of FI hierarchy and CO cost and profit centers, and developing financial and management reports.

Sales Proposals

Participated in a proposal preparation for a major banking implementation (Deutsche Bank). Demonstrated benefits of Banking IndustryPrint, and responded to various client queries concerning details of the implementation proposal. Participated in proposal preparations for two other financial institutions (Wells Fargo Bank, Northwestern Mutual).


FEB 96 – APR 97
SAP FI CO Consultant

Panasonic Communications & Systems Company, Secaucus, NJ

JUN 96 – APR 97

For a business unit of a $27 billion international electronics and finance company was responsible for the implementation of SAP R/3 3.0F FI and CO modules. Configured FI hierarchy (good knowledge of SAP hierarchy concepts and their application in the enterprise structure), business areas, account groups, field status groups, posting periods, fiscal year variants, sales tax codes, tolerance levels, dunning, etc. Completed detailed modeling of chart of accounts at the company level and chart of accounts level. Enhanced system performance by helping the client significantly reduce the number of accounts in the system. Configured vendor and customer master data, and tested the integration of A/R and A/P sub-ledgers into the FI system. Tested the integration points between FI and MM, SD and FI. Designed and tested company B/S and I/S as well as other management reports. Prepared specifications for data conversion and interfaces with the legacy system. Configured profit and cost centers, cost center groups, cost elements, cost elements groups and secondary cost elements.

Created and tested internal orders, distribution and allocation. Tested planning and budgeting. Generated and analyzed cost accounting reports. Conducted client training in FI and CO modules. In addition to the SAP configuration, this project required extensive reengineering efforts. Participated in scoping and planning, as-is scripting, to-be scripting, system configuration, unit testing and integration testing.

Berlex Pharmaceutical, Wayne, NJ

MAR 96 – MAY 96

Acted as a FI/CO troubleshooter during a SAP implementation at this major pharmaceutical company. Investigated and corrected problems in the system in the FI and CO areas. Gained an in-depth knowledge of the FI/CO functionality. Analyzed the existing chart of accounts. Enhanced system performance by helping the client significantly reduce the number of accounts in the system.


FEB 93 - DEC 95
Chief Financial Officer and co-Founder

Co-founded a mail order company. Managed accounting, finance and MIS departments. Selected and managed installation of direct mail and accounting systems. Co-wrote MS Windows-based productivity and presentation software for business and consumer markets. Developed a web site for the company. Experienced in identifying new business opportunities, capital raising and business development activities, strategic alliances and co-marketing agreements. Gained extensive practical knowledge in product development, manufacturing and marketing. Computer expertise in: HTML editor; MS SDK; Visual Basic; Borland C++; MS Word; WordPerfect; AmiPro; PageMaker; Corel Draw; Fontographer; Norton; DOS, Win3.x, Win95 and WinNT, MS Office and UNIX. Spreadsheet modeling with Lotus 1-2-3 and Excel.


FEB 88 - DEC 92 Project Manager
Sep 92 - Dec 92 Financial Team Leader
Dec 89 - Mar 92 Senior Financial Systems Analyst
Feb 88 - Nov 89

For this international commercial bank performed a hands-on configuration and conversion, including scoping and planning, of General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable to Systematics International Integrated Banking Software, a client-server based, integrated financial system for 320 users. On a daily basis managed problem resolution. Created alternate hierarchy structure for reporting purposes. Using alternate hierarchy and Cost Accounting module created custom reports for the executive management. Conducted training on the use of the Cost Accounting module for users in the audit, loan, human resources and accounting departments. After going live performed post-implementation reviews. Following the software installation devised and implemented new accounting procedures. Conducted training for users in the audit, loan, human resources and accounting departments.

Selected and tested a payroll and human resources software package. Installed and tested add-on Report Writer software. Trained audit, accounting and treasury departments in the use of this product. In-depth knowledge of the following packages: Systematics International Integrated Banking Software; SQL; IBIS; Peoplesoft HRIS; Abra; Great Plains; Peachtree Accounting; DOS, MS Office and MS Windows 3.x.

Project Manager CO-OP Banka, Brno, Czech Republic

APR 92 - SEP 92

Selected by the National Cooperative Bank and Cooperative Development Foundation for a technical assistance project at a newly established cooperative bank in Czech Republic. Directed the conversion of General Ledger accounts and loan portfolio into an IBM AS/400-based, real-time, multi-lingual, integrated financial system.

Conducted workshops on Generally Accepted Accounting Practices and financial analyses. Assisted in long-term financial and budgetary planning for the bank. Installed Cost Accounting module. Conducted post-implementation reviews. Provided general banking assistance and management advice.


SEP 86 - JAN 88
Finance and Accounting Manager

At this regional association, installed Great Plains, integrated, LAN-based accounting software for over 60 users. Conducted training in Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable departments. Managed daily activities of the Finance and Administration Department. Responsible for cash management, cost accounting, budgeting, ADP payroll, period closing and financial statements for the association and its twelve departments.


SEP 84 - AUG 86

At this national association, using SQL and advanced macros programming of Lotus 1-2-3 bridged a HP-3000 based system with PC environment. Created special financial reports for the management. Complete accounting responsibility for Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger and preparation of financial statements. Prepared ADP payroll.

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